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TED Talk: How AR Can Help Autistic Children

Shape recognition with AR technology is effective for linguistic learning, especially for children with autism.

ISTE 2019: Augmented Reality for Autistic Students

AR simulations can maximize social-emotional learning for students with autism, who struggle with social skills.


CBS Mission Unstoppable: Using AR to Help Students with Special Needs

As a former classroom teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to utilize technology to help students with special needs. In this tv show, I share how my app Pally helps students with special needs practice social communication.

CUNY TV Simply Science: Jullia Lim - Educator and VR/AR Technologist

Watch to learn about my AR and VR prototype projects!

*Interview starts at 8:27

IF/THEN: Jullia Lim Spotlight STEM Journey

Learn about what motivates me to keep on exploring in the field of STEM with AR technology!

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